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(3) Beth C
Fri, 8 June 2012 02:25:20 +0000

I started reading your book and was very surprised to read an anecdote about me. Especially since no one asked me to sign a release. Unfortunately this upset me so, that I could not hit a ball on the golf course today nor could I sink a putt. PUTZ

How's that for an excuse.

(2) Ralph E.
Wed, 30 May 2012 15:35:46 +0000

It was my chance to play the most desired course in the world, the course almost no one other than professionals and those lucky few members get to play: Augusta National. I was contacted by a client of mine that he had a connection that could get us out on Augusta, but it was a one-time offer. So we flew down there to play. Of course, the day we were to play it was pouring so the course was closed. We were allowed to walk the course, but could not play it.

I stood on the first tee box and, thank god it was raining steadily, because that way no one was able to see that I was tearing. By the time we made it to Amen Corner, it had stopped raining but we were still not allowed to play. However, we met a club official on the tee box of the par 3 12th hole (named Golden Bell). The official told us we could hit a tee shot and, if we made it on the green, we could putt out. We were so excited and nervous, and of course we had not had the luxury of 11 holes of warm-up. Naturally my ball went directly into Rae’s Creek. My excuses are obvious: it was a course I never played before so I wasn’t familiar with the distance and how to play the hole; I was rusty since we had not swung a club all day; and I was intimidated, after all, it was Augusta!

(1) Beth
Tue, 29 May 2012 18:35:02 +0000

I really should not be here. I left my grandchildren home. All I can think about is that I should be with them. I should not have come out to play.


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